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Get an object definition of a global variable in a C Caller block



GlobalArg = PortSpecObj.getGlobalArg(globalVariableName), where PortSpecObj is an object of class FunctionPortSpecification or Simulink.CodeImporter.SimulinkPortSpecification, creates a FunctionArgument object. To use global variables in a model that uses C Caller blocks, turn on the Enable custom code globals as function interface setting from Configuration Parameters > Simulation Target.


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Access the properties of a global variable used in a C Caller block.

Create a FunctionPortSpecification object.

myFunctionPortSpecObject = get_param(gcb, 'FunctionPortSpecification')

Query and create a FunctionArgument object for the global argument.

myGlobalVariable = myFunctionPortSpecObject.getGlobalArg('myGlobalVariableName')
myGlobalVariable = 

  FunctionArgument with properties:

          Name: 'myGlobalVarPort'
    PortNumber: 1
          Size: '1'
          Type: 'double'
         Label: 'myGlobalVarPort'
         Scope: 'Input'

Input Arguments

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Name of global variable, specified as a character vector.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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Global argument object associated with the C Caller block, returned as a FunctionArgument object.

Introduced in R2020b