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Create geometry for basic primitives


    createShape(actor,type) creates the actor actor in the shape defined by type.

    createShape(actor,type,inputspec) provides additional details specified by inputspec for the shape specified by type.

    Input Arguments

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    Actor class where the new geometry is created, specified as a sim3d.Actor object.

    Name of imported 3D file, specified as one of these values:

    • 'arrow'

    • 'box'

    • 'cone'

    • 'cylinder'

    • 'checker'

    • 'extrusion'

    • 'icosphere'

    • 'plane'

    • 'prism'

    • 'pyramid'

    • 'revolution'

    • 'sphere'

    • 'surf'

    • 'terrain'

    • 'tile'

    • 'torus'

    • 'triad'

    • 'tube'

    • 'voxel'

    Optional parameters of each shape type, specified as details of the shape type.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022b