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Basic Workflow for Simulink Design Verifier

The basic workflow for analyzing your model is described in the following steps, with links to related documentation.



Check the compatibility of your model.

Check Model Compatibility

For more information on supported blocks and features, see Supported and Unsupported Simulink Blocks in Simulink Design Verifier and Support Limitations for Simulink Software Features.


If you want to work around compatibility limitations in your model or customize model elements for analysis, you can use Simulink® Design Verifier™ block replacement rules. If you want to generate additional values for parameters in your model during analysis, use Simulink Design Verifier parameter configurations.


Set Simulink Design Verifier options.

Simulink Design Verifier Options


If you plan to generate test cases or prove properties in your model, first run design error detection for integer overflow and division by zero.


Analyze your model to:

  • Detect design errors

  • Generate test cases

  • Prove properties


Generate the results.

Generate Analysis Results


Interpret the results.

Review Analysis Results

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