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Get information about available file logs of signal data

Since R2020b



run_info = list(target_object.FileLog) gets information about file log data that is available for the real-time applications on the target computer.

When a real-time application stops on a target computer that is connected to Simulink® Real-Time™, the target computer uploads file log data to the development computer. If the target computer is not connected when the application stops, the file logging data for applications accumulates on the target computer. The list function returns a table that lists the accumulated file logging data for application runs.


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For target computer object tg, get information about available file log data for installed applications.

  1. my_run_info = list(tg.FileLog)
    my_run_info = 
      3×3 table 
                 Application             StartDate          Size (in MB) 
              __________________    ____________________    _____ 
        1.    "slrt_ex_osc_rt_t"     12-Dec-2019 21:59:31    9.4944 
        2.    "slrt_ex_osc_rt_t"     12-Dec-2019 21:59:45    8.4736 
        3.    "slrt_ex_osc"          12-Dec-2019 21:59:57    8.2176
  2. Import file log data from application runs 1 and 2 in the available file logs table.


Input Arguments

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Provides access to methods that manipulate the target computer properties.

Example: tg

Output Arguments

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The run_info structure is a MATLAB table that is structured by Application and RowNames.

Version History

Introduced in R2020b