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Independent and solid axle suspensions

The independent and solid axle suspension blocks model the suspension compliance, damping, and geometric effects as functions of the relative positions and velocities of the vehicle and wheel carrier. Using the suspension compliance and damping, the blocks calculate suspension forces on the vehicle and wheels. You can specify:

  • Multiple axles per vehicle.

  • Multiple wheels per axle.

  • Suspension parameters per axle.

  • An anti-sway bar for independent suspensions.


Independent Suspension - Air SpringAir spring independent suspension (Since R2023b)
Independent Suspension - Double WishboneDouble wishbone independent suspension
Independent Suspension - K and CIndependent kinematics and compliance test suspension (Since R2022a)
Independent Suspension - MacPhersonMacPherson independent suspension
Independent Suspension - MappedMapped independent suspension
Twist-Beam Suspension - K and CTwist-beam kinematics and compliance test suspension (Since R2022b)
Solid Axle SuspensionSolid axle suspension for multiple axles
Solid Axle Suspension - Air SpringAir spring solid axle suspension (Since R2023b)
Solid Axle Suspension - Coil SpringSolid axle suspension with coil spring
Solid Axle Suspension - Leaf SpringSolid axle suspension with leaf spring
Solid Axle Suspension - MappedMapped solid axle suspension