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Video Classification

Perform video classification and activity recognition using deep learning

Classify the activity or action contained in a sequence of images from visual data sources, such as a video stream, into a set of categories using deep learning. Vision-based activity recognition involves predicting the action within a sequence of images, such as walking, swimming, or sitting, using a set of video frames. Activity recognition from video has many applications, such as human-computer interaction, anomaly detection, and surveillance. To learn more, see Getting Started with Video Classification Using Deep Learning.


Video LabelerLabel video for computer vision applications
Ground Truth LabelerLabel ground truth data for automated driving applications


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groundTruthGround truth label data
writeVideoScenesWrite video sequence to video file
sceneTimeRangesTime ranges of scene labels from ground truth data
VideoReaderCreate object to read video files
fileDatastoreDatastore with custom file reader
transformTransform datastore
combineCombine data from multiple datastores
folders2labelsGet list of labels from folder names
splitlabelsFind indices to split labels according to specified proportions
inflated3dVideoClassifierInflated-3D (I3D) video classifier. Requires Computer Vision Toolbox Model for Inflated-3D Video Classification
slowFastVideoClassifierSlowFast video classifier. Requires Computer Vision Toolbox Model for SlowFast Video Classification
r2plus1dVideoClassifierR(2+1)D video classifier. Requires Computer Vision Toolbox Model for R(2+1)D Video Classification
predictCompute video classifier predictions
forwardCompute video classifier outputs for training
imwarpApply geometric transformation to image
imcropCrop image
imresizeResize image
randomAffine2dCreate randomized 2-D affine transformation
centerCropWindow2dCreate rectangular center cropping window
randomCropWindow2d(Not recommended) Create randomized rectangular cropping window
classifyVideoFileClassify a video file
classifySequenceClassify video sequence
updateSequenceUpdate video sequence for classification
resetSequenceReset video sequence properties for streaming video classification
vision.VideoPlayerPlay video or display image
vision.DeployableVideoPlayerDisplay video
insertTextInsert text in image or video