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(To be removed) Lifting schemes

    liftwave will be removed in a future release. Use liftingScheme. For more information, see Compatibility Considerations.



    LS = liftwave(wname) returns the lifting scheme associated with the wavelet specified by wname.

    LS = liftwave(wname,'Int2Int') allows to perform an integer to integer wavelet transform.


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    Create the lifting scheme associated with the db2 wavelet.

    lsdb2 = liftwave("db2");

    Visualize the lifting scheme.

    lsdb2 = {...                                      
    'd'             [ -1.73205081]              [0]   
    'p'             [ -0.06698730  0.43301270]  [1]   
    'd'             [  1.00000000]              [-1]  
    [  1.93185165]  [  0.51763809]              []    

    Input Arguments

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    Wavelet, specified as a character vector or string scalar. Valid values for wname are listed here.

    WNAME Values

    'db1', 'db2', 'db3', 'db4', 'db5', 'db6', 'db7', 'db8'
    'sym2', 'sym3', 'sym4', 'sym5', 'sym6', 'sym7', 'sym8'

    Cohen-Daubechies-Feauveau wavelets

    'cdf1.1', 'cdf1.3', 'cdf1.5'
    'cdf3.1', 'cdf3.3', 'cdf3.5'
    'cdf5.1', 'cdf5.3', 'cdf5.5'
    'cdf2.2', 'cdf2.4', 'cdf2.6'
    'cdf4.2', 'cdf4.4', 'cdf4.6'
    'cdf6.2', 'cdf6.4', 'cdf6.6'

    'biorX.Y' (see waveinfo)
    'rbioX.Y' (see waveinfo)
    'bs3': identical to 'cdf4.2'
    'rbs3': reverse of 'bs3'
    '9.7': identical to 'bior4.4'
    'r9.7': reverse of '9.7'


    • 'cdfX.Y' == 'rbioX.Y' except for rbio4.4 and rbio5.5.

    • 'biorX.Y' is the reverse of 'rbioX.Y'

    • 'haar' == 'db1' == 'bior1.1' == 'cdf1.1'

    • 'db2' == 'sym2' and 'db3' == 'sym3'

    Data Types: char | string

    Output Arguments

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    Lifting scheme, returned as a cell array. For more information, see lsinfo.

    Version History

    Introduced before R2006a

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