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Extended pseudocolor matrix scaling


Y = wcodemat(X)
Y = wcodemat(X,NBCODES)
Y = wcodemat(X,NBCODES,OPT)


wcodemat rescales an input matrix to a specified range for display. If the specified range is the full range of the current colormap, wcodemat is similar in behavior to imagesc.

Y = wcodemat(X) rescales the matrix X to integers in the range [1,16].

Y = wcodemat(X,NBCODES) rescales the input X as integers in the range [1,NBCODES] . The default value of NBCODES is 16.

Y = wcodemat(X,NBCODES,OPT) rescales the matrix along the dimension specified by OPT. OPT can be one of: 'column' (or 'c'), 'row' (or 'r'), and 'mat' (or 'm'). 'rows' scales X row-wise, 'column' scales X column-wise, and 'mat' scales X globally. The default value of OPT is 'mat'.

Y = wcodemat(X,NBCODES,OPT,ABSOL) rescales the input matrix X based on the absolute values of the entries in X if ABSOL is nonzero, or based on the signed values of X if ABSOL is equal to zero. The default value of ABSOL is 1.


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Scale level-one approximation coefficients globally to the full range of the colormap.

Load an image.

load woman;

Get the range of the colormap.

NBCOL = size(map,1);

Obtain the 2D dwt using the Haar wavelet.

[cA1,cH1,cV1,cD1] = dwt2(X,'db1');

Display without scaling and with scaling.

title('Unscaled Image');

Figure contains an axes. The axes with title Unscaled Image contains an object of type image.

title('Scaled Image');

Figure contains an axes. The axes with title Scaled Image contains an object of type image.

Introduced before R2006a