Trying to install and execute a Matlab program I have running under Linux and have performed the Deploytool (Build,Package with MCR). This is my first deployment attempt at on a Linux machine. Looking for a procedure to guide me in this.

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John on 5 Nov 2013
Edited: Yatin on 8 Nov 2013
The program works well within Matlab on both Windows and Linux. I have had good luck building and executing in Windows. I made neccessary Linux accomodation on a Linux machine and ran deploytool within Linux. Windows is so easy and I tried running the that was produced and also the ..prj file. Performed chmod etc. but they seem lost and unable to find what they need. Matlab is installed at /usr/local/Matlab/R2011a/bin/... I looked here and on the web first and found things mentioning LD_.. and a lot confusing tedium. I'm sorry to bother you but I have failed to find a clear procedure for installing the MCR, loading and running this nice Gui utility under Linux. Thanks, John Rodgers

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Yatin on 8 Nov 2013
Edited: Yatin on 8 Nov 2013
Hi John,
You can have a look at the article below for the instructions on installation.
Please note that mcr_root is the path for the folder in which you have extracted the installation files.
Hope this helps.

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