running open_syste​m('hdlcode​r_led_blin​king') for zynq, but no connection?

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Hi, i am using usb jtag cable for communication with zynq-zc702, but i can't see serialport as instructed in the webinar, how should i connect with zynq? ethernet(ip address)? uart? jtag? i'm confused...
Trial>> z =zynq; Trial>> z
z =
LinuxServices with properties:
SerialPort: []
hostname: ''
username: 'root'
port: 22
protocol: 'ssh'
owen chang
owen chang on 23 Nov 2013
Edited: owen chang on 24 Nov 2013
the log as below:
*starting the model*
*simulation finished* resolution set @ id = 0 .... 1920*1080 incorrect input [..] turning on the previous pattern
log on simulink window:
"Error occurred while executing External Mode MEX-file 'ext_comm': Failed to connect to the target. Possible reasons for the failure: a) The target is not switched on. b) The target is not connected to your host machine. c) The application for the model is not running on the target. You might have clicked the Stop button.
Caused by: An error occurred attempting to open an rtIOStream. More detail may be reported in the MATLAB command window"
it seems that i should change the default image source?

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Answers (1)

Noam Levine
Noam Levine on 19 Nov 2013
To run the hdlcoder_led_blinking demo you need three connections: Ethernet cable, UART, and programming cable.
Embeded Coder needs the Ethernet connection to operate in External Mode, which is what is expected in the example.

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