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Matlab changes reslulotion after opening simulink

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Sebastian on 19 Nov 2013
By starting Matlab everything is normal size and perfectly usable:
But after starting Simulink Matlab and Editor change resolution and are way to small to use. (Simulink is displayed in normal resulution)
I hope somebody knows a solution for that problem, cause like that I cant use Matlab.
My system: Windows 8.1 Pro on a Surface Pro 2 by Microsoft


Tyler on 27 Jul 2014
Having the same problem. Were you able to resolve this?

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Harsha Medikonda
Harsha Medikonda on 8 Aug 2014
Edited: Harsha Medikonda on 8 Aug 2014
A)The workaround for this would be the following steps
1)Right-Click on the MATLAB executable icon, Go to Properties 2)Under the Compatibility menu, check the option “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” 3)Now Run MATLAB. It should no longer rescale when you open SIMULINK.
B)However the text and icons in the toolstrip might still be too small to read. 1)The size of the text and the menus is not customizable. 2)You need to reduce the resolution to increase the font size. One way to enforce this would be to add a call to an executable or some kind of Windows command line script that does this in your “startup.m”. When you open up MATLAB, the executable will run and change the resolution of the desktop. 3)You can then create a file called “finish.m”. This file is always run when you close MATLAB. You can add another call to the executable or the Windows command line script and instruct it so that it will reset the desktop resolution to the default value or whatever the increased resolution was.

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Greg Buffinton
Greg Buffinton on 28 Feb 2015
Do you have an example of your solution in [B] to increase resolution while running matlab and then restore it on exit? Is there a fix coming in the near future?

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Bora Eryilmaz
Bora Eryilmaz on 10 Mar 2015
There is a workaround now available in R2015a release of MATLAB that partially resolves the issues with blurriness and resizing of the MATLAB Desktop on Windows platform. The workaround patch can be downloaded from Bug Report ID 1054442.


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Bora Eryilmaz
Bora Eryilmaz on 4 May 2015
Are you using R2015a? Also, you should run the "toggleHighDPISupport.p" file, not the .m one in the subdirectory.
Reuben on 28 Mar 2016
Running the .p file fixes the issue in MATLAB. However, once I run simulink, the simulink window is still really small.
Martin Esteban Rivero Carrillo
I have the same problem. I'm using Matlabr2015a with Windows 8.1 and a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series with a 4K UHD screen. Have you found any solution?

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