Simulink - replace_block only works with SOME components?

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Hi all
I have a virtual subsystem with a mask. The mask allows the user to select either Enable or Disable for an option (see screenshot). Depending on the option chosen, I want the mask to replace a Constant with a Repeating Sequence or the other way around.
I have the following code:
switch get_param(gcb,'control')
case 'Enable'
replace_block([gcb,'/controlSequence'],'Constant','simulink/Sources/Repeating Sequence','noprompt');
case 'Disable'
replace_block([gcb,'/controlSequence'],'Repeating Sequence','Constant','noprompt');
This code works perfectly when I replace 'Repeating Sequence' with 'Inport', or 'Step' (which is in the SAME 'Sources' section!), just not with Repeating Sequence.
Any ideas why?
Viren on 8 Jan 2014
So, you suggest that I should create the Repeating Sequence block using it's constituents, and then set their values as necessary?
I think I can do that, but wouldn't it then be easier to just delete the constant and add_block the repeating sequence, and vice versa, depending on the user's input? Or is that what you were suggesting?

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