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Strange download agent problem and even stranger solution

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Joseph Areeda
Joseph Areeda on 10 Jan 2014
Edited: Joseph Areeda on 10 Jan 2014
I'm installing Matlab R2013b and lots of toolboxes on the headnode of a computing cluster. When I try to download all licensed packages Firefox seems to ignore it.
So I opened a terminal and tried from the command line and get:
[joe@orca ~]$ javaws ./download_agent
(<unknown>:28028): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_notify: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed
Segmentation fault
My next step was to update the JDK from 1.6 to 1.7. Same results.
Now comes the really strange part:
I Googled the problem and one of the suggestions was to run javaws -verbose, I thought to help track down the problem. However when I did that "javaws -verbose ./download_agent" it worked. Printed out a lot of stuff to the terminal but the installation proceeded normally.
Anyone have any idea what is happening?
Here's my info:
|>> ver
MATLAB Version: (R2013b)
MATLAB License Number: ••••••
Operating System: Linux 2.6.32-279.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu Jun 21 07:08:44 CDT 2012 x86_64
Java Version: Java 1.7.0_11-b21 with Oracle Corporation Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM mixed mode
MATLAB Version 8.2 (R2013b)
Simulink Version 8.2 (R2013b)
Bioinformatics Toolbox Version 4.3.1 (R2013b)
Communications System Toolbox Version 5.5 (R2013b)
Control System Toolbox Version 9.6 (R2013b)
Curve Fitting Toolbox Version 3.4 (R2013b)
DSP System Toolbox Version 8.5 (R2013b)
Embedded Coder Version 6.5 (R2013b)
Global Optimization Toolbox Version 3.2.4 (R2013b)
Image Acquisition Toolbox Version 4.6 (R2013b)
Image Processing Toolbox Version 8.3 (R2013b)
Instrument Control Toolbox Version 3.4 (R2013b)
MATLAB Coder Version 2.5 (R2013b)
MATLAB Compiler Version 5.0 (R2013b)
Mapping Toolbox Version 4.0 (R2013b)
Optimization Toolbox Version 6.4 (R2013b)
Parallel Computing Toolbox Version 6.3 (R2013b)
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox Version 1.3 (R2013b)
Signal Processing Toolbox Version 6.20 (R2013b)
SimDriveline Version 2.5 (R2013b)
SimElectronics Version 2.4 (R2013b)
SimEvents Version 4.3.1 (R2013b)
SimHydraulics Version 1.13 (R2013b)
SimMechanics Version 4.3 (R2013b)
SimPowerSystems Version 6.0 (R2013b)
Simscape Version 3.10 (R2013b)
Simulink Coder Version 8.5 (R2013b)
Simulink Control Design Version 3.8 (R2013b)
Simulink Design Optimization Version 2.4 (R2013b)
Stateflow Version 8.2 (R2013b)
Statistics Toolbox Version 8.3 (R2013b)
Symbolic Math Toolbox Version 5.11 (R2013b)
The Distro is Scientific Linux 6.4 (very similar to CentOS)

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