How can I write a program to investigate whether a number belongs to matrix?

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Ayob le 17 Jan 2014
Commenté : Ayob le 17 Jan 2014
I have a Matrix named A and a number like B=11. I want to write a program which gives C=1 when B belongs to A and C=0 when B doesn't belong to A. I'm really interested in Matlab special features instead of long codes in my program.
A=[1 2 3 5 21 2 4 0 11 3]
if B=11 then C=1
if B=9 then C=0

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Matt Kindig
Matt Kindig le 17 Jan 2014
I think ismember() should do the trick:
A=[1 2 3 5 21 2 4 0 11 3];
B = 11;
C = ismember(B, A); %returns 1
B = 9;
C = ismember(B, A); %returns 0

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