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symbolic state space representation & transfer function

Asked by Abdulaziz AlKuwari on 27 Jan 2014
Latest activity Answered by waell telmesani on 17 Oct 2018
How to enter state space model symbolically and convert it to a symbolic transfer function as well?
Thanks in advance


What do you mean?
Let the A matrix for example to be A = [X Y, Q Z] If I entered the symbols and tried to transfer the State space representation of the model to a transfer Function, MATLAB will generate an error saying that X, Y,and Z are not defined. I need yo move from state space to transfer function symbolically (without initializing X, Y, Z,..)
I Wish it is clear

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Answer by Ryan G
on 28 Jan 2014
 Accepted Answer

Symbolic representation is not compatible with the controls tools. You would have to do this manually.

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Answer by waell telmesani on 17 Oct 2018


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