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Help reading Excel files

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Amir Hamzah UTeM
Amir Hamzah UTeM le 10 Fév 2011
How do I let MATLAB know how many columns in my Excel file when I'm loading it in a GUI? Let's say I have 22 values in the first column. How can I let MATLAB know it was a 22nd column or n-th column?
I hope someone can help me with some code example for my learning.

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Héctor Corte
Héctor Corte le 10 Jan 2012
With this code you get value on cell (A , fila):
ActivesheetRange = get(Activesheet,'Range',['A',num2str(fila)]);
To check if this cell is empty you can use:
Make a loop that looks for a empty cell along a row and you will get how many columns you have.



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