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Simulate Rectifier Circuit with inductive and voltage loads

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William le 9 Fév 2014
Modifié(e) : William le 9 Fév 2014
Greetings I am trying to simulate the current through an inductor in a circuit ( See picture. )
The current formula is 169.7*sin(367*t) = 367*(1e-3)* di/dt
I have the intersection of the voltage on the load and vs plotted but cannot figure out how to get the current wave form which is the darkened in one. A fairly common power electronics problem but I cannot figure out how to do in with code
Here is what I have
t = 0:0.01:(2);
Vst = abs(169.7*sind(367*t));
Vd = ones(1,201)*120;
hold on
[X0,Y0] = intersections(t,Vd,t,Vst,1)
t_mod = zeros(1,201);
for ii = 1:201
if(t(ii)<=X0(1,1) | t(ii) >= X0(2,1))
t_mod(ii) = 0;
t_mod(ii) = Vst(ii)-120;
I = zeros(1,201);
id = (16.97).*cos(t_mod); % this is where I fail
the intersection program is from the
Awesome program and I have used it many times
Could someone please help get to the very end

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