How can I detect and recognize road traffic signs ?? using matlab

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Dipten le 19 Fév 2014
Hi, my project is image processing based pattern recognition robot. In this i don't about how can detect and recognize road traffic signs from live capturing video.

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Anand le 19 Fév 2014
Here's a couple of links to examples that might help:

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 19 Fév 2014
You'll need the Image Processing Toolbox and the Image Acquisition Toolbox, and maybe the Computer Vision System Toolbox. Then you'll need to go here,%20Traffic%20Signs,%20Objects%20along%20the%20Road,%20Inspections and select a published algorithm that does road sign recognition and code it up. Then improve it and publish your improvements, present your algorithm at a professional society meeting (SPIE, IS&T, or IEEE), start your own company or join Google, and go on to fame and wealth. Good luck.
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Thomas le 19 Fév 2014
I liked the last line..
Dipten le 19 Fév 2014
But in those all book they mention about road sign detect using matlab ???

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