Help most definitely needed :) Indexing struct arrays for rows with specified values

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Hi everyone,
I have a struct array that has 35 cell arrays within it, each having 7 matrices (1.3 million x 1). I am trying to index the rows with a value of 4 within the second matrix ( MyData(1,n).data{1,2} ) and do this for all 35 cell arrays and place it into a new cell array. No success is coming my way.
So far for the indexing I have this but I keep getting the error of ??? Index exceeds matrix dimensions:
stid = 4;
colmn = 2;
p1 = MyDataToo(1,1).data{MyDataToo(1,1).data{:,colmn} == stid, :};
I want to figure this out before I even move on to making it a loop to then do this for the other 34 cell arrays in the struct.
Help most certainly needed!!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Feb 2014
p1 = MyDataToo(1,1).data([MyDataToo(1,1).data{:,colmn}] == stid, :);
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mashtine on 24 Feb 2014
Thanks Walter,
Any idea how I would then do this within a loop for the other yearly cell arrays within the struct?

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