Extracting data from a raster file with the borders of polygon (vector in shapefile)

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Hi everyone,
I am working with geotiff files and I want to extract the value of part of it restricted by a polygon in a shapefile. In ARC GIS there is a command called "extract by mask" and it is possible to extract part of a raster file using a polygon or another smaller raster which is smaller than the original file. Let me know how I can do it.
Cheers Abbas

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene le 21 Sep 2014
This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but you could interpolate values given by lat/lon or map x/y using geotiffinterp. You may be able to adapt the regridding example in that link to suit your needs.

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Suman Dhamala
Suman Dhamala le 28 Juin 2021
You can use clip raster by polygon function.

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