for loop to calculate the value of a recurrence relation

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A recurrence relation can be used to model feedback in a system. Given the following recurrence relation, the x vector, and the initial value of y at t=1, write MATLAB code to calculate the y-values corresponding to first 9 x-values. Store the result in the vector y.
the recurrence relation is as seen below
this is my attempt
x = [0 0.39 0.78 1.17 1.57 1.96 2.35 2.74 3.14]; y(1) = 2;
for x=1:0.39:9 t=2:9
y=0.2*x(t)+0.8*y(t-1) end
where am I wrong?
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Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford on 8 Mar 2014
That won't work either, Chafah. As I said, you need
for t = 2:9
for x=1:0.39:9

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Accepted Answer

Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford on 7 Mar 2014
You haven't indexed your for-loop correctly. It should read:
y(1) = 2;
for t = 2:9
y(t) = 0.2*x(t)+0.8*y(t-1);

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