What should I do to extract texture features now?

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This is the code for segmentation of an image. I want to extract the texture features of the image. What should I do now? Please help me.
he = imread('t1.jpg');
imshow(he), title('Apple image');
'Image courtesy of Alan Partin, Johns Hopkins University', ...
cform = makecform('srgb2lab');
lab_he = applycform(he,cform);
ab = double(lab_he(:,:,2:3));
nrows = size(ab,1);
ncols = size(ab,2);
ab = reshape(ab,nrows*ncols,2);
nColors = 3;
% repeat the clustering 3 times to avoid local minima
[cluster_idx cluster_center] = kmeans(ab,nColors,'distance','sqEuclidean', ...
pixel_labels = reshape(cluster_idx,nrows,ncols);
imshow(pixel_labels,[]), title('image labeled by cluster index');
segmented_images = cell(1,3);
rgb_label = repmat(pixel_labels,[1 1 3]);
for k = 1:nColors
color = he;
color(rgb_label ~= k) = 0;
segmented_images{k} = color;
imshow(segmented_images{1}), title('objects in cluster 1');
imshow(segmented_images{2}), title('objects in cluster 2');
imshow(segmented_images{3}), title('objects in cluster 3');

Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 17 Mar 2014
Well that code does not do it. It does color segmentation. To do a texture segmentation you want to get a gray level image such as by taking one color channel or using rgb2gray() or by using rgb2hsv and taking one of the channels such as the v channel. Then use stdfilt() or entropyfilt() or a filter of your own.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 6 Jul 2016
Like I said, create "a filter of your own." If you know those are not enough or what you want, then what other properties do you want?

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