What can be the input arguments of this user defined function?

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I download this code. But I don't understand what can be its possible input arguments. Can anyone please help me?
function [textureFeatures, filteredImages] = ExtractTextureFeatures(image, maxFreq, numberOfFrequencies, numberOfOrientations, eta, gamma, k)
%Input: image (grayscale image)
% maxFreq (max central frequency of the filter bank)
% numberOfFrequencies (number of frequencies)
% numberOfOrientations (number of orientations)
% eta, gamma (smoothing parameters)
% k (frequency spacing: 2 = octave, sqrt(2) = half octave)
%Output: textureFeatures (mean and std of the absolute value of each transformed image)
% filteredImages (transformed images)
bank = sg_createfilterbank(size(image), maxFreq, numberOfFrequencies, numberOfOrientations, 'eta', eta, 'gamma', gamma, 'k', k);
filteredImages_raw = sg_filterwithbank(image,bank);
normalize = 'Y';
if normalize == 'Y'
filteredImages = sg_resp2samplematrix(filteredImages_raw,'normalize',1);
filteredImages = sg_resp2samplematrix(filteredImages_raw,'normalize',0);
nImages = size(filteredImages);
nImages = nImages(3);
index = 1;
for i = 1:nImages
textureFeatures(index) = mean2(abs(filteredImages(:,:,i)));
index = index + 1;
textureFeatures(index) = std2(abs(filteredImages(:,:,i)));
index = index + 1;

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 17 Mar 2014
It looks like it tells you. If you don't understand, ask the author for further explanation and clarification.


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