Plot only markers without lines

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Rami le 20 Mar 2014
Commenté : Ihaveaquest le 22 Août 2022
I have two matrices V(NXM) and g(NXM). I wish to plot each column in V (x axis) against each column in g(y axis). I must have the data plotted only as markers i.e without lines.
I tried 'LineStyle','none' but I didn't managed to "turn on" the marker stuff. I do not want to specify manually what markers to use beacuse I have many columns (which I will also plot on separate figures).
I thought that matlab can plot the markers and once it finished all the markers it will change color and restart the marker order.
so can I do this?
Thanks, Rami

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Friedrich le 20 Mar 2014
sounds like you are looking for the scatter or scatter3 function.

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TheStranger le 5 Déc 2018
I know it was like 4 years ago, but anyway.
You need to specify 'LineStyle', 'none'
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Quinn Mulligan
Quinn Mulligan le 10 Juin 2021
Thanks for answering anyway, you saved me a lot of time
Esen Ozbay
Esen Ozbay le 1 Juil 2021
Thanks so much! Just what I was looking for since scatter was working problematic.

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Yash Doshi
Yash Doshi le 23 Fév 2021
Modifié(e) : Yash Doshi le 23 Fév 2021
You can also use the 'LineStyle','none' in the stem() function, and yes, MATLAB itself knows when to change markers for different columns, you just need to plot each column in a loop using (hold on).
Hope this answers and solves your query.
I know I have been very early in answering the question xD. But maybe it can be useful for anyone who sees this in the future.

Rami le 20 Mar 2014
Hey , thanks for the answer but it doesn't work so good. I want the program to chose marker style and color much like the "plot" command chooses line color when you plot more than one vector / matrix.
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Friedrich le 21 Mar 2014
The color is choosen like the plot command does it. Only the marker has to be set by yourself which is extremly easy, e.g.
x = linspace(0,3*pi,200);
y = cos(x)+ rand(1,200);
hold on
x = 0:0.1:10
y = sin(x);
hold off
Ihaveaquest le 22 Août 2022
wha if i wanted to just plot markers at oint 0 and 10??

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