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Trouble installing 2014a on Mavericks

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I have upgraded to Mavericks.
When trying to install 2014a, I get an error.
The installer makes it through login to Mathwork, selecting the license (a TAH if that makes a difference) it verifies the license but after asking for the installation path, the products to install, when I hit the install button almost immediately it says:
The application encountered an unexpected error and needs to close. You may want to try re-installing your product(s). More information can be found at /var/folders/7_/q1v63_1s55b09v3x90rkr0ym0000gn/T/mathworks_areeda.log
The relevant information from the log file is:
Statistics Toolbox 9.0 Symbolic Math Toolbox 6.0
(Mar 22, 2014 19:14:39) java.lang.NullPointerException at com.mathworks.install.ComponentSizeAggregator.add( at com.mathworks.install.ProductInstallerImpl.downloadProducts(
There is plenty of disk space, I've tried with the Mac JDK 8 and the latest Oracle (7.51). I've downloaded several times and the md5 sum matches. I downloaded and installed it on a mt. lion imac and scientic linux and every thing in fine on the other systems.
I've run out of ideas and would appreciate any suggestions.
Thanks, Joe
Malcolm Lidierth
Malcolm Lidierth on 24 Mar 2014
Joseph MATLAB is bundled with Java 7 on the Mac from R2013b onwards. Not sure if MATLAB_JAVA has any affect (as on Windows). I have 6, 7 and 8 on my Mac. Default at install was 8. MATLAB runs with the bundled version by default.
Check java -version at the system terminal. I guess there could be an issue if the installer is using 6.
Sounds like an issue for TMW support.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 24 Mar 2014
Edited: the cyclist on 24 Mar 2014
I am guessing you had the 2014a prerelease version downloaded. You need to delete the old version from both the Applications directory and the Downloads directory (which I can infer from you message is probably /Users/areeda/Downloads).
I don't think this is related to the Java/Retina/font/rendering issues that the latest versions of MATLAB have.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Feb 2015
I think I just tracked this to there being a Mathworks directory in my Downloads directory, that the installer had loaded files into, including from R2014a pre-release. Once I trashed that, I was able to proceed with the download and install on Yosemite. I had, per the cyclist, removed the pre-release installer, but I did not look before for the possibility that files from that former install were in some other directory.

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