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Is it possible to save/get a Layout of docked figures?

Asked by Thierry Dalon on 28 Mar 2014
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on 28 Mar 2014
Hello As explained by Yair Altman it is possible to set a Layout of docked figures, for example as follows:
desktop = com.mathworks.mde.desk.MLDesktop.getInstance; myGroup = desktop.addGroup('myGroup'); desktop.setGroupDocked('myGroup', 0); myDim = java.awt.Dimension(5, 2); desktop.setDocumentArrangement('myGroup', 2, myDim) figH = zeros(1, 10); for iFig = 1:10 figH(iFig) = figure('WindowStyle', 'docked', ... 'Name', sprintf('Figure %d', iFig), ... 'NumberTitle', 'off'); set(get(handle(figH(iFig)), 'javaframe'), ... 'GroupName', 'myGroup'); end
See related question here .
Do you know a way how to get these properties: DocumentArrangement, DocumentColumnWidths, DocumentRowHeights, DocumentRowSpan...?
If one could retrieve these properties, one could save some user defined layout. Many thanks

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Markup your question. That improves the chances to get an answer.
uiinspect( desktop )
You'll find uiinspect in the File Exchange.

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