How do i display multiple output image from m-file in single axes with option to navigate in guide?

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i need to display my output in axes in guide with option to move from one image to another. also on trying to display output in single axes from m-file iget error message ?? undefined variable 'handles' axes(handles.axes2)

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Dishant Arora
Dishant Arora on 14 Apr 2014
Insert this in the gui OpeningFcn and see what it echos at the command prompt:
Flag = isfield(handles , 'axes2')
Flag should be 1 if there exist an object with tag axes2 else 0.
To see the tags:
nida on 14 Apr 2014
Edited: nida on 14 Apr 2014
i have attached my gui m-file ,fig file and my code file for output images in my code file bargraph is bar plots .thats separate

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 14 Apr 2014
Maybe try MAGIC: It has the UI framework all ready to go. Just insert your code into the "AnalyzeSingleImage" function.


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