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urlread / urlwrite with umlaut in the url - is there a way to get this to work?

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Dear all,
I am trying to read a url that contains german umlauts. This does, apparently, not work with urlread/urlwrite. An example:
produces an error, whereas:
works. Both urls link to the same webpage in this example, btw.
Is there a way to get this to work? In my case, I can not just replace the umlaut (ä -> ae, ö -> oe, ü -> ue), since then the url can not be resolved.

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Friedrich le 23 Avr 2014
you need to punnycode the name. Try
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Jan le 23 Avr 2014
Modifié(e) : Jan le 23 Avr 2014
Wow. Puny-Code is really unexpected for me:
Does this mean, that I cannot reserve this neat address, because someone else wanted to include an ö in his web-address? ;-)
Thanks, Friedrich, for this useful information. +1

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