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MATLAB SL won't launch

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Evan on 13 Feb 2011
Answered: JIYON PJ on 14 Apr 2021
I have MATLAB 7.10 (2010a) and I'm running Snow Leopard on an Intel Mac. I installed it and activated it and it all went fine. Once I tried launching it it doesn't wanna do it. I click it and the icon bounces on the dock and it then goes away...thats it. I have no clue what is going on. I used to run 2009 and it was ok but this new one is giving me problems. Any ideas? I also changed Java to run 32 bit first and made sure I checked the box "run in 32 bit mode" in the MATLAB icon.
Not sure if this is the correct forum but feel free to move it to the appropriate one.
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Sebastian on 14 Feb 2011
For this issue I would go in touch with our Installation Support team:

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JIYON PJ on 14 Apr 2021
It seems like a software issue. try contacting support.


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