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Matthew le 29 Avr 2014
Commenté : dpb le 29 Avr 2014
I need to import some FX rates from the following website:
The table is located within this webpage and gets updated daily.
Does anyone know how to code the import of the whole table from this website into Matlab into my workspace?
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Matthew le 29 Avr 2014
Sorry but I'm confused by your reply.
Can you explain your suggestion please?
dpb le 29 Avr 2014
Poke around the links on the Fed site a little and explore their setup explicitly for distributing data instead of just trying to rip the web page. There's an "RSS" button at the top of the page you've linked to and more on data if follow the links...

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Friedrich le 29 Avr 2014
Modifié(e) : Friedrich le 29 Avr 2014
using urlread should do it. Pretty rough code but it gets it done:
html= urlread('');
txt = regexprep(html,'<[^>]*>','');
starts_at = strfind(txt,'Rate');
ends_at = strfind(txt,'Last update:');
txt = txt(starts_at(end)+4:ends_at-1);
tmp = textscan(txt,'%s','delimiter','\n');
tmp = strtrim(tmp{1}(~idx));
date = tmp(1:2:end);
value = tmp(2:2:end);
When doing a small check it looks good:
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Matthew le 29 Avr 2014
Hi Friedrich,
That's some really nice code.
Thank you for your help.

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