unexpected error message showing std::exception

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kyu le 1 Mai 2014
Commenté : Friedrich le 5 Mai 2014
Caught "std::exception" Exception message is: Message Catalog MATLAB:FileIO was not loaded from the file. Please check file location, format or contents
I've got this message in R2014a. I don't know why this error happens. My script has been working well under R2012a. After this error occurs, any commands didn't work at all.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 1 Mai 2014
Please post the error message. Don't snip out just a part of it like you did. Post everything. ALL the red text including lines of code with line numbers etc.
The rest of the commands won't be executed after the error because control moves to your catch block. You did use a try/catch construction, didn't you?
kyu le 2 Mai 2014
This is the entire error message. No red texts! This is quite unusual because when the error occurs, MATLAB always shows red text. This error occurs when I tried to generate 1,000 images stacks. 500 images stack was fine, though.

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Friedrich le 2 Mai 2014
can you check if the FileIO.xml in the resources\MATLAB\en subfolder of your MATLAB installation exist? If the file is missing then your MATLAB installation is incomplete and you would need to reinstall it.
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Friedrich le 5 Mai 2014
Moved kyu answer to a comment
"The FileIO.xml is in the subfolder."
Friedrich le 5 Mai 2014
It could be that MATLAB tries to pull the wrong FileIO.xml file. Can you post a list of all your environment variables? On Windows you could also run the process monitor to see what MATLAB tries to access.

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