How to pass parameters between local functions of uicontrol, pushbutton?

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I am writing a program in which a figure is created. I have added 3 uicontrol pushbuttons. the idea is this: user can select the desired part of data by one of pushbuttons and save the selected part by another pushbutton. if he/she doesn't want to save is able to cancel the selected part by the other pushbutton,'cancel'.
My problem is that I can not pass parameters from one local function of pushbutton to the other one I mean matlab forgets the variables created in one local function when it goes out of it. what can I do?

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Dishant Arora
Dishant Arora on 15 May 2014
How can I share data between callback functions in my GUI(s)? Make use of setappdata, getappdata or global variables as shown.

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