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Question about mcc -a plusab.m

Asked by amir
on 16 May 2014
Latest activity Edited by Image Analyst
on 6 Aug 2014
At first I typed this
mbuild -setup
It gave this:
Welcome to mbuild -setup. This utility will help you set up
a default compiler. For a list of supported compilers, see
Please choose your compiler for building shared libraries or COM components:
Would you like mbuild to locate installed compilers [y]/n? y
Select a compiler:
[1] Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 in H:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0
[0] None
Compiler: 1
Please verify your choices:
Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ 2012
Location: H:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0
Are these correct [y]/n? y
Warning: Applications/components generated using Microsoft Visual C++
2012 require that the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 run-time
libraries be available on the computer used for deployment.
To redistribute your applications/components, be sure that the
deployment machine has these run-time libraries.
Trying to update options file: H:\Users\amin\AppData\Roaming\MathWorks\MATLAB\R2013b\compopts.bat
From template: F:\PROGRA~2\MATLAB\R2013b\bin\win64\mbuildopts\msvc110compp.bat
Done . . . --------------------------- I built this function:
function plusab(a,b);
if ischar(a)
if ischar(b)
and I saved it. But I can't make an exe file by
mcc -m plusab.m
Error using mcc
Test checkout of feature 'Compiler' failed.
How can I solve this problem?
If I use lcc-win32, will it be solved?
Thank you


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1 Answer

Answer by Harsheel
on 16 May 2014

It seems like you have MATLAB Compiler installed but do not have a license for it. To confirm, execute the following:
>> license('checkout','Compiler')
0 will indicate that you don't have a license. You'll have to talk with the Sales Rep to get a license.

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on 6 Aug 2014
hello, unfortunatly I have a problem with mcc command, too.
I have executed license('checkout','Compiler') and the answer was 1, so it meens that there is no problem with license of compiler.
I want to make a library compiler app. and then I want to call it from .net, I test what has suggested in matlab's help (Create a .NET Component From MATLAB Code) and what has suggested in websites and.. , but in all of them, ther is 1 error:
Test checkout of feature 'Compiler' failed. mcc failed.

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