how can I write greek letters in static text?

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Jacopo le 20 Mai 2014
Commenté : Friedrich le 27 Mai 2014
how can I write greek letters in static text? because writing \alpha in the static text when I run the GUI appears written "\alpha"...

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Friedrich le 20 Mai 2014
see here.
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Jacopo le 23 Mai 2014
no. I copied the full piece of code in the link, specifically:
handles.laxis = axes ('Parent', hObject, 'units', 'normalized', 'position', [0 0 1 1], 'visible', 'off');
lbls = findobj (hObject, '-regexp', 'tag', 'latex_ *');
for i = 1: length (lbls)        l = lbls (i);        % Get current text, position and tag        set (l, 'units', 'normalized');        s = get (l, 'string');        p = get (l, 'position');        t = get (l, 'tag');        % Remove the Uicontrol        delete (l);        % Replace it with a TEXT object        handles. (t) = text (p (1), p (2), s, 'interpreter', 'latex'); end
If I have to write something different, you can write exactly what I have to write in code?
Friedrich le 27 Mai 2014
I think you missed the last sentence
"Further in GUIDE give the Static Text boxes which need to be rendered using LaTeX, a 'Tag' which starts with latex_."

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