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Which coder Toolbox are required to work with emlc function ?

Asked by Kumar Shivu on 26 May 2014
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on 16 Oct 2014
I know it was a functionality of Real Time Workshop but now Real Time Workshop is now integrated into Simulink Coder . But when i see the Mathworks product availability then , it says you need to have Matlab coder with Simulink coder . So my question is that ,these two coder are enough to execute the function emlc or do we need any other Toolbox or coder packages. emlc is a Embedded Matlab code so do we need Embedded coder also with other coder packages ? This link gives details about Mathwork products and availability.
Thank you in advance for the answers.

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Sorry to piggy back of your question but I have a similar problem. Since real time workshop has be integrated into Simulink coder, does that mean old versions of Matlab which do not support Matlab Coder need to use Simulink coder to produce C code?
I am currently using Matlab 2010bSP1 which is not compatible with Matlab Coder

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Answer by Ryan Livingston on 28 May 2014
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Product dependencies change based upon the release however, you should only need MATLAB Coder to use the command emlc. It should be noted that this command has been renamed to codegen in newer releases. Embedded Coder is another product which adds additional features for code generation.
If in doubt, I would recommend contacting your sales representative directly or you should be able to reach someone generally in sales at:
he or she will be able to help you specifically.


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