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crash at pcolor, surf, etc..

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Vialla on 26 May 2014
Answered: Vialla on 27 May 2014
Hello everybody,
Since several weeks, I get a very annoying crash when I try to use some display functions like pcolor, surf, etc.. As it seems to be pretty serious, I give you the details of the "segment violation": Matlab epitaph
Moreover, I'm afraid my licence is a little bit too old to allow me to obtain an answer from the matlab support. So I hope somebody here could help me to figure out the source of this issue.
I have the same crash with different matlab versions. So I wonder if my video card is not involved in this problem. Furthermore, I always had some latency when I maximize a pcolor window (for example), maybe one other evidence to convince me of the guilty of my video card...
Java is up to date, my video card driver too. I'm using a 64-bits Windows 7 OS. Please help me... Thank you

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dpb on 26 May 2014
I'd try changing the 'renderer' property...

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Ingrid Tigges
Ingrid Tigges on 26 May 2014
Edited: Ingrid Tigges on 26 May 2014
Don't be afraid to ask technical support in those cases. In worst case the answer will be sorry, you do not have a license with current SMS (maintenance). The crash dump indicates that the crash is probably caused by issues with the OpenGL renderer. As dpb suggests, changing the renderer could help. Depending on the features (e.g. transparency) you might OpenGL as renderer however. Other things to try are
  • In the MATLAB Command Window type
opengl software
This changes the OpenGL renderer from hardware to software which helps if the issues are caused by the graphics card driver.
  • Update your graphic card drivers


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Vialla on 27 May 2014
Thank you, it helps me a lot. I will look more closely at the OpenGL issue. But in the meantime, I can already display some pcolor figures! And now I know that OpenGL is concerned, I found some other questions on the forum about similar problems.
Thank you again


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