How to display Multiple Statements in a GUI Edit Box

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I am a new user of Matlab; I am facing this problem that whenever I write into an edit box using 'set' command, result of last 'set' command is only displayed in the edit box. For example set(handles.edit1,'String','This is first statement'); set(handles.edit1,'String','This is second statement'); then only " This is second statement" string displayed in the edit box; where as I want both in the edit box. Please Guide me in this regard

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SRI on 13 Jun 2014
Hi Khurram, Please try this code which will help you in resulting both the statement in edit tool.
A = 'This is the first Set';
B = 'This is the second Set';
set(handles.edit1,'string',[A, B])

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Dishant Arora
Dishant Arora on 13 Jun 2014
String = {'This is first statement'};
set(handles.edit1 , 'String' , String);
String = {String{:},'This is the 2nd statement'};
set(handles.edit , 'Max' , 2) % To accomodate multi line text
set(handles.edit1 , 'String' , String);
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Shri.s on 30 Mar 2023
But this shows vertically in edit box ,i want to show horizantly in edit box ,is there any solution please.

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