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Moving window in simulink during simulation

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John on 19 Jun 2014
I want to calculate the maximum value of a signal within a fixed window size of previous values. How can I do this in simulink? I need to use this calculation during the simulation, so post-processing the final data is not an option. Here is a screenshot to illustrate my question.
Thanks, John


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Kaixiang Wang
Kaixiang Wang on 8 Mar 2017
Try DSP System Toolbox - Statistics - Moving Maximum. You may want to put a Abs block in front of it as well.

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Mohammad Wasi Ahmadi
Mohammad Wasi Ahmadi on 10 Jul 2017
I used this block, however, before this I need to add a rate transition block to digitise the signal. but it still gives an error, asking me to add a signal specification block before it. do you know what should I put in signal spec block? Thanks, Wasi

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