Adding two or more mat file variables(same name)

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Brasco , D.
Brasco , D. on 26 Jun 2014
Answered: Sara on 26 Jun 2014
Hi guys i got a problem with multiple .mat files consisting of same variables, cells, etc.
I need to add(combine) them.
Let me explain it;
Let say i got 3 .mat files 1.mat , 2.mat , 3.mat and each of them consist of
A 10x2 cell
B 20x2 cell
C char
D 65 double
goes like this.
i want to add these and create new data that conists of all the variables in each mat file.
like ;
4.mat =
A 20x2 cell
B 40x2 cell
C ....char
D ... double
is there any way to do this? thanks for help.

Answers (1)

Sara on 26 Jun 2014
You can combine the cell arrays with the [], e.g., Atot = [A{1};A{2}] where A{1} comes from 1.mat and A{2} comes from 2.mat.

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