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How to design MATLAB Simulink model for easy real time simulation implementation?

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Akhtar Javed
Akhtar Javed on 17 Aug 2021
Answered: Atanda Raji on 18 Aug 2021
Hello Everyone!
I am trying to simulate a three phase grid connected inverter for voltage and reactive power control purpose. After my simulation is done I want to implement it in OPAL-RT real time simulation and later do the experiment. My question is how should I design my model so that it is easily implementable in real time simulator and then later for experiment. To be specefic, what sample time I should choose? How much should be switching frequency, using discrete or continous powergui? Also, which solver should I choose? Because all of these parameters can effect the performance of my model especially when implementing on real time simulator.

Accepted Answer

Atanda Raji
Atanda Raji on 17 Aug 2021
You will find the answers to all your questions on the OPAL-RT website. You have to invest time in how to configure the real-time simulator hardware, how to prepare your model, how to detect and resolve overrun time, etc. Visit the site below for more information.
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Akhtar Javed
Akhtar Javed on 18 Aug 2021
Thank you Atanda. I will check on Opal-rt website and I think there are youtube videos for it as well.

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Atanda Raji
Atanda Raji on 18 Aug 2021
Yes,there are quite useful videos, technical presentation, peer-reviewed papers on their website.


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