cell array question finding minimums of intervals of time matrices

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I have a cell array that is a 1:100 cell (cellarray1). each one of the contents of that cell is ALSO a cell. The contents of each of those cells is time data that is either a 1X20 double, 1:30 double, a 1X200 double or anywhere in between.
I want to loop through the whole cell array, take every matrix of time data in the cell array, then we will say that m= the length of any random array of time data in the cell array. For each of the arrays of time data, I want to take the (2:m)-(1:m-1). Then I will have the deltas between the time points for every cell array in the intire cell array.
Then I want to take the minimum number of each cell array and store that in an array.
(I can then use datestr(timearray1),'HH:MM:SS.FFF') to get all the minimum time intervals for every array in cellarray1.
charles atlas
charles atlas on 23 Jul 2014
Also if I do this instead (change dt(k) to just dt), it gives me a 1X2 cell array of the first two subtracted cell arrays from cellarray1.
for k=1:length(cellarray1)

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dpb on 23 Jul 2014
Edited: dpb on 23 Jul 2014
doc cellfun % for the gory details...

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