How to downsample a 3-D matrix data?

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Joana le 24 Août 2021
Commenté : Walter Roberson le 17 Août 2022
I have a 3-D matrix (A) of order a x b x c. And the data is recorded at 1056Hz sampling frequency. The data is already filtered between 0-5-10Hz, and epoched. I need to downsample my matrix to 65Hz.
Any help on how i can do it.?
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Joana le 24 Août 2021
It's the 'c'. The matrix A has 'features x chanels x samples'. e.g i have the data for 400ms, which is 480 sample, as in the data i have shared. :)

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Chunru le 24 Août 2021
y = resample(A,65,1056,'Dimension',3);
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 17 Août 2022

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