Simulink custom (non rectangular) Block Shapes

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Florian Rössing
Florian Rössing le 24 Août 2021
Commenté : Fangjun Jiang le 24 Août 2021
Hey everyone,
we want to make our simulink models more visually appealing and useful for presentations. Hence I want to give blocks certain shapes. Like have a subsystem being triangular (alike the gain block) to visualize its functionalities.
How do I adjust the shape of a simulink subsystem block? As there are various blocks deviating from the rectangular standard, it musst be possible. But, much to my supprise i could not find any material on it using google.
Any help is appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

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Jonas le 24 Août 2021
Modifié(e) : Jonas le 24 Août 2021
I do not think it is possible to give subsystems an other shape than rectangular. It could conflict with the positioning of the in- and output ports.
What you can do, is use a mask image on a subsystem. Right click on a subsystem, and go to 'Mask' and then 'Add icon image...'. This way you can add your own symbols and images on the subsystem block.
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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang le 24 Août 2021
Click "Help" button on "Icon and Ports" tab.

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Florian Rössing
Florian Rössing le 24 Août 2021
All models are beautiful, useful and valuable regardless of origin shape or color, I demand freedom of choice! ;)
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Florian Rössing
Florian Rössing le 24 Août 2021
Doesnt explain why I am limited to them ;) Regardless, I am for now working with your image approach until someone finds another way. Or the Matlab staff tells me it is not possible (and why so)

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