How do I concatenate two matrices into alternating rows?

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Janna Hinchliff
Janna Hinchliff le 26 Août 2021
Réponse apportée : KSSV le 26 Août 2021
I have two 2x4 matrices (actual matrices I'm using are much bigger than this in both dimensions), say
[1,2,3,4;5,6,7,8] and [a,b,c,d;e,f,g,h]
and I want to combine them so that I get
I've tried to do this using the reshape function but haven't managed to get it to do what I want. Is this the best function to use?

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KSSV le 26 Août 2021
A = rand(2,4) ;
B = rand(2,4) ;
C(1:2:4,:) = A ;
C(2:2:4,:) = B ;

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