How can I plot a plot with two parameters?

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I want to plot a "ngs(n1+n2+n3+2,:)" that is a "224*67501" matrix, versus longitudinal position(millimeter) "X" which is a "224*1" matrix, At desired time between 0 and 3 nanoseconds. Also "t" is a matrix with 1*67501 and dt=4.4e-14(step time). I try it but I encounter two pronlems. Firstly, "vectors must be the same lenghs" when I want to plot:
secondly, I do not know how to draw it at a specific time between 0 and 3 nanoseconds.
Thanks in advance for your guidance!

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dpb on 26 Aug 2021
It would be far easier if you would attach a short(ish) section of your data files themselves instead of us having to try to interpret..what are the ni variables above, for example?
But, the answer to the last question is simply
>> dt=4E-14;
>> N=3E-9/dt
N =
so it takes 75,000 elements at that sample rate to amount to 3 nsec...
dpb on 29 Aug 2021
" I could not upload workspacet here due to the large size of the workspace, otherwise we might have been able to talk about it easily. "
Indeed. Surely you can create a subset of the dataset that is sufficient to illustrate the difficulties but that somebody here can actually touch.
Without that, it's going to take somebody a lot more able to figure out what you're asking for than I to be able to help, I'm afraid.

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