How to plot an overlay curve on the figure attached here.

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Nisar Ahmed
Nisar Ahmed on 27 Aug 2021
Commented: Nisar Ahmed on 1 Sep 2021
The code for the attached/copied figure is
figure, p = pcolor(b,a,c); p.EdgeColor = 'none'; axis ij; ylim([500 2500]); colorbar; title('abc');
ylabel('Time (ms)'); colormap(jet); grid on
I want to plot a straight line or a curve between (showing relation) a vs. c at x axis where b = 6000. Suppose the curve a vs c has same dimension like the data plotted here as p = pcolor(b,a,c);. How can I plot here.

Accepted Answer

Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 27 Aug 2021
hold on
then plot the graph.
Nisar Ahmed
Nisar Ahmed on 1 Sep 2021
@Kevin Holly Thanks,
I ploted first by using hold on and then by adding some distance on x axis. just like
hold on

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