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Can you use SIL/PIL on a combined MATLAB/Simulink model?

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Joshua Ford
Joshua Ford le 31 Août 2021
I am testing a model which contains both MATLAB and Simulink. Is it possible to use SIL/PIL testing on both the MATLAB and Simulink components together as a combined entity? Or must the MATLAB component be tested using the MATLAB SIL/PIL and Simulink component be tested by the Simulink SIL/PIL

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Jesús Zambrano
Jesús Zambrano le 31 Août 2021
Hey Joshua,
You can place your MATLAB code in a MATLAB function block. This block can be part of a Simulink model, and you can do SIL/PIL verification of the entire model using the SIL/PIL Manager. Try to avoid any continuous sample time in the Simulink model when doing this workflow.
For more information about the topics mentioned above can be found in the following links:
Hope it helps!




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