Get values of the particular line from surf plot

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Ramesh Bala
Ramesh Bala le 3 Sep 2021
Commenté : Ramesh Bala le 3 Sep 2021
I'm intersted to get all the values of the line 2- curve - marked in figure
A1 = jj;
A1(A1>0.05) = NaN;
surf(A1);shading interp;view(2);
contour(A1); shading interp; view(2)
v = [0.045 0.055];
contour3(A1,v); shading interp; view(2)
How Shall I get only this lower curve in a separate figure and then get all the Y values ?

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Konrad le 3 Sep 2021
Hi Ramesh,
the contour3() function returns the contour matrix (see help) containing x- and y-coordinates of the contour. You can use these to extract the desired part of the contour:
v = [0.045 0.055];
contMat = contour3(A1,v); shading interp; view(2)
idx = contMat(1,:)>60 & contMat(2,:) < 850;
contSubset = contMat(:,idx);
Now contSubset contains x coordinates of the marked part in the first row and y coordinates in the second row.
Best, Konrad
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Konrad le 3 Sep 2021
Modifié(e) : Konrad le 3 Sep 2021
plot(contSubset(1,:),contSubset(2,:),'.'); % 1st row of contSubset is used as x-coordinates and 2nd row as y-ccordinates
set(gca,'Xlim',[1 234],'YLim',[1 2643])
this should look like the region marked in your figure.
Ramesh Bala
Ramesh Bala le 3 Sep 2021
Thank you so much Konrad .The lines made was so user friendly and quick.

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