Lidar point cloud segmentation using deep learning

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Sanaz Asgarifar
Sanaz Asgarifar on 8 Sep 2021
Answered: yanqi liu on 12 Jan 2022
I am trying to run "Lidar Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation Using SqueezeSegV2 Deep Learning Network", but I can not find the function called "helperTransformOrganizedPointCloudToTrainingData". I will be grateful if someone know how to deal with this function may help me on this issue.

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Vinay Ancha
Vinay Ancha on 11 Jan 2022
Run this command "openExample('deeplearning_shared/LidarSemanticSegmentationUsingSqueezeSegV2Example')" from the command window. All the supporting files can be found in the current Folder tab in the main window. You can also right-click on the function name and select the "Open <name of helper>" option to open it in the Editor.

yanqi liu
yanqi liu on 12 Jan 2022
yes,sir,may be in folder
such as




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