How can i obtain a Narx block in Simulink independent from the sample time of the identified neural network?

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Marco Pizzoli
Marco Pizzoli on 16 Sep 2021
Commented: Marco Pizzoli on 16 Sep 2021
Hi everyone,
I've trained a NARX neural network with an input\output timeseries data sampled at dt = 0.00125.
Then, i've converted the net in a closed loop form thanks to the closeloop function.
Finally, i've generated a Simulink block of this closed net by using gensim function and by specifying a sample time equal to the one of the timeseries used for the identification (so, exactly dt = 0.00125).
Now, i want to use this gensim block in another Simulink model, where the sample time is different than dt = 0.00125 and could be any.
My wish would be to create a block that is independent of the sample time and adapts to the sample time of the simulink model simulation.

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David Willingham
David Willingham on 16 Sep 2021
As the NNet is trained on a specific sample time, it's likely not going to predict well at different sample times. My recommendation is that you'll need to add a rate transistion block before / after the NNet. An example of how to do this can be found here:

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